Want to know the weight of different items?

Our love for cooking and thirst for knowledge got us thinking about the actual weight of different items and ingredients and how the weight translates in cups, teaspoons, litters, or whatever measures different recipes call for

Although we started to write about the weight of different types of ingredients and produce needed in recipes, in time we will expand to cover all kinds of topics in all kinds of different fields.

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Topics we cover

Although we started this blog writing about the weight of different ingredients and produce, we will slowly add different fields and topics that are not necessarily related to cooking

We also plan to cover areas such as

Building and Construction

How much do building materials cost? How heavy would construction machinery be?

Auto and Traveling

How much do different cars weigh? What is the optimum weight of luggage?


From the easier questions about the weight of different dogs to harder ones like how much does a giraffe weigh?

Tech and Gadgets

How much do nanobots weigh? What is the weight of an iPad?

Funny and Weird

Did you ever ask yourself what’s the weight of the world? Or how much would a mustache weigh? We did

Business and Job Seeking

How much would a tractor weigh? Or a whole office building for that matter?

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