Green Onions Weight

How much Sliced Green Onions, With or Without Tops, are in a Bunch?

You have surely come across recipes that would call for either 1/2 cup of sliced green onions or one cup of chopped green onions. It’s not always very clear how many green onions will fit in a cup. This is why as we’ve already done in the past, we took it upon ourselves to do the necessary experiments to figure out exactly how many green onions you have to buy, so you don’t have to.

To find out exactly how many green onions are in a cup we found the closest grocery store and went right to the produce section. A quick look at the vegetable section will show you that most of the time, a bunch of green onions shouldn’t contain more than 8 medium bulbs and these weigh 3.8 ounces (105 g) in total. The next part of the test had us get one medium green onion that had a top with a total of 4 inches of usable area. The weight of this green onion was 15 grams or half an ounce.

Cut Green OnionsWhile in the kitchen, we started to chop one medium green onion and got around two tablespoons of chopped onion with a weight of about 11.3 grams or 0.4 oz. It then took about nine green onions, which was just slightly more than a bunch, to fill a whole cup of chopped green onions. This means that you won’t have enough green onions in a cut to fill it completely so, depending on what is better for you, you should either buy another full bunch or look for two smaller bunches right from the start. One bunch and a half should be enough to also fill a cup of finely diced green onions.

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As an unrelated term, you should know that people will call green onions both the actual green onions and the Spring onions, although the two types are quite different. The actual green onions will never grow into a large traditional onion bulb, regardless of how much time you leave them in the ground. Spring onions, on the other hand, are just very young stalks of onions that would be picked before they get the chance to properly develop into their final size and shape. The positive thing is that, in terms of taste in recipes, there would be no difference between these two types of onions.

So the information you have up until this point should be enough for you to know exactly how many green onions you should get for your next recipe. If you still need help, then you can use the conversion tool you can find below and find out exactly how many green onions you’ll need for any dish.

General Green Onion Info

Green onions are also called scallions and are just average onions that have been harvested before they were able to reach maturity. They are finger-thin and firm, with crisp green tops and firm white bottoms. They can be eaten in their entirety.

Short Term Green Onion Storage

You can store your green onions in the refrigerator, in a plastic bag. This way, they can hold for about five days before becoming limp.

Green Onion Long Term Storage

Although you will make green onions limp by freezing them, they will still have enough flavor for your recipes. You can freeze green onions, whole or chopped, and use them later for cooking.

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